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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Wanted to Express to You All My Heartfelt Thank You for All Your Help with the Vidalia Onion Contest

Have been waiting and wanting to Announce this Wonderful Blessed News for some time now..but due to some unforeseen roadblocks beyond my hands I was asked to wait..So Thankful, and So Very Grateful I can finally announce that I won the grand prize in the Vidalia Onion Contest some months back....Want To Express My Heartfelt Thank Yous first to the God Lord Above, All My Sweet Hubby and Sweet Family and All My Sweet Friends ...I could never express enough how Very Grateful I am and my family is to All Of You For Your Help!! I couldn't of Hope to have a Prayer to do good in this if it hadn't been for All Of You and Your Hard Work to Help this Blessing Come True!! You All Our an Answer to a Special Prayer!! Love You All With All My Heart and More…/caramelized_vidalia_pepper_with_f…